This website is exclusively available for patients and donors located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

Welcome to, your premier online platform dedicated to promoting and facilitating blood donation in India. We are committed to fostering a culture of lifesaving generosity and connecting blood donors with individuals in urgent need of blood transfusions.

At, we understand the criticality of timely access to blood units and the impact it has on saving lives. Our website serves as a centralized hub, empowering both donors and recipients to come together and make a difference.

With our user-friendly interface, finding a blood donor or registering as a donor has never been easier. We provide a comprehensive database of eligible and voluntary donors who have demonstrated their commitment to this noble cause. Our rigorous screening process ensures the reliability and safety of the donors, allowing you to trust the blood you receive.

As advocates for transparency and security, we prioritize the privacy of our users. Rest assured that your personal information remains confidential and protected. Our platform is built on robust security protocols to safeguard your data, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the donation process. is more than just a directory; it is a comprehensive resource for all things related to blood donation. We provide valuable information on eligibility criteria, donation centers, and post-donation care. Through educational materials and awareness campaigns, we aim to dispel myths, educate the public, and inspire more people to become regular blood donors.

We are proud to collaborate with blood banks, hospitals, and medical professionals across India to streamline the donation process and ensure an efficient distribution network. By working together, we can maximize the impact of each blood donation and save more lives.

Join us in our mission to make blood donation a seamless and integral part of our society. Together, we can create a positive change and contribute to a healthier and stronger India. Explore the possibilities of lifesaving generosity at

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