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About Us

Welcome to, your trusted platform for connecting patients in need of blood with willing donors. Our mission is to bridge the gap between those who need life-saving blood and those who are ready to give it. Here, patients can upload their requests through our user-friendly request option, and these requests will be listed on our website for potential donors to view. We also actively work with local NGOs to find donors, ensuring that every request is met promptly. Our team will connect matched donors with patients, providing contact details so that arrangements can be made directly at the concerned hospital or blood bank. Importantly, we operate independently, with no government involvement or affiliation with any blood bank.

Request and Donation Process

At, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency in our request and donation process. Patients can submit their blood donation requests by filling out a straightforward form available on our website. Once a request is submitted, it becomes visible to potential donors who can then respond if they meet the criteria. Additionally, our dedicated team actively circulates these requests among local NGO groups to increase the chances of finding a suitable donor quickly. When a donor is found, we facilitate the exchange of contact details, allowing the donor and patient to coordinate the blood donation process directly. Our goal is to make this critical service accessible and effective for everyone in need.

Donor Registration and Database

To ensure a reliable and confidential process, we offer two types of donor registration: Confidential Registration and Public Registration. Donors who choose Confidential Registration can rest assured that their personal information will not be publicly listed on the website; only our team will have access to this data to match donors with requests. In contrast, Public Registration allows donors to have their details listed publicly on the site, making it easier for patients to contact them directly. We also conduct awareness campaigns in schools and colleges, gathering valuable donor data to expand our database. This information is securely stored and managed through an integrated system that our volunteers can access via an administrator login. Our commitment is to maintain the privacy and security of all our donors while facilitating efficient blood donation connections.


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